Sporting Clays Tournament – Spring 2024

Sporting Clays Tournament – Spring 2024

 Registration is closed for this event


Date: April 5, 2024 (FRI)
Check-In: 7:30 AM
Start Time: 8:00 AM
Location: Ben Avery Clay Target Center, 5060 W. Skeet Street, Phoenix  85086
Entry Fee: $150 Individual; $680 Foursome
Registration: Online; Download Printable Form

Enjoy an exciting day with ARCA supporting the Arizona Roofing Industry Foundation (ARIF) at Phoenix’s prestigious shooting range, Ben Avery, while making a difference in lives by providing ARIF academic scholarships to ARCA members and their immediate family members.

Individual Shooter Fee Includes

  • Course Fees
  • Spot on a Golf Cart
  • Lunch & Award Banquet

Foursome Shooter Fee Includes

  • All of the above
  • PLUS, Raffle Ticket Package - five (5) tickets per shooter

Come load up your freezer with some bacon.

This is a guided hog hunt that will be primarily spot and stalk. We have a huge range of pigs on our ranch including some wild Russian boars. Guaranteed to be a great hunt, most of these pigs live in the thick tamaracks at the bottom of the canyon and disappear in a heartbeat. Your choice of weapon. Hunt pigs in Arizona!

The raffle includes booking, animal, day on the ranch and guide fees.

Not included in the raffle but for additional fees $75 includes gutting, skinning and quartering at the ranch.


  • TITLE SPONSOR - $2,500 ($2,240 TAX DEDUCTIBLE) Includes four (4) complimentary shooters at both the Spring and Expo Thursday Tournaments and recognition in Basesheet, Expo programs and events signage. Maximum one (1) sponsor. 
  • GOLD SPONSORS - $1,000 ($874 TAX DEDUCTIBLE) Includes two (2) complimentary shooters at both the Spring and Expo Thursday Tournaments and recognition in Basesheet, Expo program and events signage.
  • SILVER SPONSORS - $500 ($435 TAX DEDUCTIBLE) Includes one (1) complimentary shooter at both the Spring and Expo Thursday Tournaments and recognition in the Expo program and events signage.
  • BRONZE SPONSORS - (100% RETAIL VALUE OF CONTRIBUTION IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE) Prize contribution for either of the two tournaments will receive company or personal recognition on events signage.
  • GOLF CART SPONSOR - $1,500 ($1,500 TAX DEDUCTIBLE) Company recognition on post-event luncheon signage.
  • LUNCH SPONSOR 1 - $1,500 ($1,500 TAX DEDUCTIBLE) Company recognition on post-event luncheon signage. 
  • LUNCH SPONSOR 2 - $1,500 ($1,500 TAX DEDUCTIBLE) Company recognition on post-event luncheon signage. 
  • SHOOTING STATION SPONSOR - $300 ($300 TAX DEDUCTIBLE) Recognition on signage at one of fifteen spring tournament stations. Sponsors have the option of offering additional prizes for hitting colored clays at their station.


For more information call James Rosetti, Gorman Roofing Services (602) 309-4070,
or the ARCA/ARIF office at (602) 335-0133


  • You must indicate who you would like to shoot with by March 27, 2024
  • Each shooter is responsible for their own ammunition
  • Ammunition is restricted to #7 1/2 -#8 shot
  • Participants must follow all safety rules
  • Your shotgun chamber must be open and unloaded at all time unless you are on the stand to shoot
  • No more than two (2) shells may be loaded at any time
  • Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times while on the course
  • Empties must be discarded into the barrels provided at the shooting stations
  • Shooters will rotate as to who will shoot first at each stand
  • The only instance in which you are permitted to re-shoot or take another turn is when the throwing machine or your shotgun malfunctions
  • Winners will be determined based on highest number of hits out of 100 rounds fired
  • In case of a tie, the shooter with the longest consecutive string of hits will be the winner
  • Event prizes and door prizes will be presented at lunch immediately following the tournament

This is a paid ARCA event. Cancellations after March 29, 2024 will be non-refundable, substitutions are allowed.

Title Sponsor
Lunch Sponsors
Gold Sponsors
Silver Sponsors
Womens Flight
Shooting Station Sponsors
Classic Roofing | Johns Manville | Northern Arizona Roof Services | Solar Detach & Reset
Raffle Donor
Committee Chair
James Rosetti, Gorman Roofing Services
Committee Members
Scott Aguilar, Eagle Roofing Products | Onnie Diaz, Northern Arizona Roof Services
Lynn Harding, Beacon Building Products  | Scott Jones, Apache Equipment
Ben Kelley, Polyglass USA | Anthony Martin, ICP Group  | Grant Martin, Star Roofing
Dave Mcarty, Starkweather Roofing Inc. | Valorie Miller, JBS Roofing Co., Inc.
Alan Minker, GAF | Cesar Parra, Elite Roofing Supply | Eric Perry, Eco Roofing Solutions
Ben Rucka, Malarkey Roofing Products
April 5th, 2024 7:30 AM
5060 W. Skeet Street
Phoenix, AZ 85086
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Phone: 602-335-0133
Event Fee(s)
Individual Shooters $150.00
Clay's Foursome $680.00
Silver Sponsors $500.00
Bronze Sponsor
Yes! We have an employee that can volunteer
Blue Rooster Ranch Hog Hunt Raffle Drawing - $25 Each
Blue Rooster Ranch Hog Hunt Raffle Drawing - 5 for $100
Add'l Door Prize Tickets - 5 for $20