Member Benefits

The Arizona Roofing Contractors Association is one of the oldest and most dynamic trade associations in Arizona. Many benefits are afforded ARCA Members:

  • ARCA is one of the largest subcontractor trade associations in Arizona.
  • Arizona consumers may now search the Arizona Roofing Contractors Association website for qualified roofing contractors who are members of the association. Roofing contractors are listed on the “Find a Roofer” page. Consumers may also check a license by clicking on the Registrar of Contractors’ website link directly from our website at
  • The association has established a new roofer referral program for consumers and only qualified roofing contractors who are ARCA members may be referred. The ARCA office receives 10-20 calls every week from consumers requesting a referral to a qualified roofing contractor who is a member of the Arizona Roofing Contractors Association.
  • ARCA works hard to protect our industry! This year alone we have filed over 100 complaints against unlicensed people doing roofing work and we were successful in making roofing an exempt trade.
  • ARCA offers free OSHA safety training exclusively to its members. This important benefit alone saves members thousands of dollars each year. With classes (presented statewide in English or Spanish) like OSHA 10-Hour, OSHA 30-Hour, Fall Protection, Scaffolding Fall Protection, and CPR/AED, full OSHA compliance is simpler and more affordable to attain and to maintain. We even take training requests directly from our members, and, if it’s more convenient, we’ll provide the training at their facility. If you have any questions about what certification your employees need for your company to be OSHA compliant, we’ve got a committee of knowledgeable safety experts to guide you in the right direction. And if you have the need for a training class other than what’s listed above, let us know; we’re very happy to accommodate our members’ needs.
  • Bi-monthly dinner meetings and frequent seminars bring members opportunities to educate their employees on various roofing industry topics and keep them up to date on topics affecting the operation of all roofing contractors.
  • ARCA maintains extensive educational/roofer training video and reference libraries for the free use of all members.
  • ARCA is an affiliate of the National Roofing Contractors Association and Western States Roofing Contractors Association. We work with more than 100 roofing contractor associations throughout the United States. As a member of ARCA, you have access to these organizations and their wealth of information.
  • ARCA/ARIF hosts various social events for members to network and participate. The association hosts an annula convention and the only roofing industry trade show in Arizona. It also hosts golf tournaments, sporting clays tournaments, and charity bowing events.
  • ARCA maintains current information on the license requirements of every state in the United States for our members interested in working in other states.
  • ARCA is known as one of the best roofing contractor associations in the country.
  • ARCA members are represented at the Registrar of Contractors office, the Arirzona Legislature, SCF Arizona and other regulatory agencies locally and in Washington, D.C. The basic interests of the roofing industry are represented, not individual or company cases or litigation.
  • ARCA members have a distinct advantage over their competition because of information and knowledge gained from member networking, newletters and special notices.
  • ARCA dues are among the lowest in the industry. Dues are not a cost, they are an investment in your future!
  • ARCA roofing contractors are informed contractors. Informed roofing contractors will be in business long after the uninformed contractor has closed the doors and gone out of business.
  • ARCA provides free consumer protection information (featured on the ARCA website) that members may provide to potential residential customers.
  • ARCA has 18 committees working to improve the roofing and construction industry.
  • ARCA members and volunteers work to improve the Arizona roofing industry and to provide greater benefits for roofing contractors and associate members.

Your membership is your voice.

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