ARCA Members Pitch in to Help Elderly Victim of Roofing Scam

Last month, ARCA Members came to the aid of an elderly woman who fell victim to a roofing scam.

Mary Hartnett is an 88-year-old Phoenix resident who did her due diligence selecting a roofing contractor, but she still got scammed because the con-man was pretending to be somebody else.

It was three years ago when her garage and dining room started to leak. She chose a contractor to replace the roof, but she made sure to do her research before paying him.

“I called the Registrar of Contractors to see if he was registered and if he had a license and if he had any complaints,” Hartnett said.

Once she received word from the ROC that he had a current license and no complaints, she paid him $10,000 to do the replacement. Just one year after the job was completed, the roof began to leak again.

A friend took a look at the new roof. “He said, ‘My gosh, Mary. That’s a terrible roofing job.’ He could lift the whole roof up on the garage area,” Hartnett said.

It turns out she had hired an imposter. The con-man stole and had been using the license of a legitimate roofer who shared the same name.

Mary contacted ARCA and explained her situation, looking for advice on what action could be taken from here.

That’s when generous ARCA Members stepped up and joined forces to give Mary the roof she paid for, at no further cost.

“I’ve thanked them, every one of them, and I sure appreciate it, and it was just a fantastic job they did,” Hartnett said.

A very big thank-you goes out to the following members for their time, efforts, materials, and generous spirits:

  • Jerry Brown, WRECORP
  • Chuck Chapman, Tecta America
  • Andy Clarke, Classic Roofing
  • Rick Cornish, Freelite Skylights
  • Sal Flores, Inca Roofing
  • Rhonda LaNue, Lyons Roofing
  • Aron Winter, Pro-tech Products
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